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Lawn Maintenance

As we are in the hottest part of the year, major cutbacks of shrubs are generally not recommended. The combined stress of a cut back and the heat can be too much for shrubs. However, the hot weather makes it a great time for treatment of the weeds in your beds, and your lawn maintenance crew will be applying chemicals to take care of these. Also please make sure to return the completed storm letter which you should have recieved by email. If you need another copy, please let us know- it is important that we have your preference for storm cleanup on file prior to any work being done.


During the hottest part of the year hot spots may occur in your turf if your coverage is inadequate. Often, there is a difference between your irrigation simply “working” and working properly to ensure appropriate coverage. If you aren’t currently a Baldin Turf irrigation customer, call for an irrigation check/adjustment if your lawn shows signs that your system isn’t functioning effectively.

Lawn Care and Shrub Care

Your lawn care team’s goal this time of year is to strengthen your lawn so that it can out-compete weeds. At the same time, extreme temperatures prevent application of post-emergent weed control. Your lawn care team is aware of the issues in your lawn and will treat them as soon as it is safe to do so. Tropical sod webworms are prevelant this time of year. Feel free to notify the office if you see the tell-tale patches of dull green turf. Upon closer inspection you will see notching along the side of the leaf blade, or dramatically shorter blades of grass. You may even see the worms out feeding on the grass in the early morning. Webworms can do damage quickly so it is important to treat them as soon as possible.


Call the office now to reserve your spot on our landscaping schedule before the end of the season. Our team is happy to do the hard work of making improvements to your yard. Check out our “Employee Spotlight” to see our landscaping team.

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Meet the Baldin Turf Landscape Team: Jason, Daniel, Arturo, Francisco, Gerardo, Jorge and Marco.

Whether you need new sod, a landscape design or just sprucing-up, they can make the yard of your dreams a reality.

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