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Lawn Maintenance

Is it hot enough for you?  Extreme heat is stressful for your turf. To combat this you might notice that your maintenance crew is mowing your turf higher than usual during periods of drought. This is also the time of year we also experience periods of excessive rain, so please be aware that your service day may change due to severe weather or if your yard is so wet as to prevent mowing.  The health of your turf is always our first concern when determining how we service your yard.


Proper irrigation is of the utmost importance during this time of year.  The best way to determine if your lawn needs water is to use the “footprinting” technique.  If your footprint is still visible a few seconds after stepping off, your lawn needs water.  If you notice that the blades of your grass are folding in half, or that your lawn has taken on a bluish-grey color, it is time to irrigate.

Lawn Care and Shrub Care

For the health of your lawn, our lawn care technician will be applying more granular fertilizer to your turf for the next few months.  We continue to monitor and spray as necessary for mole crickets, chinch bugs and weeds.  Our shrub care technician is spraying a preventative insecticide for scale and other ornamental insects along with monitoring for fungus and diseases.


If you haven’t already installed a fresh layer of mulch this year, now is a good time.  A 2- 3 inch layer of mulch helps to moderate soil temperature and retain moisture in the soil for the health of surrounding plants. This is also a good time of year to meet with our landscape designer to create a plan to redesign your landscape or enhance existing plant beds before the end of the season.

claytonEmployee Spotlight

Meet the Baldin Turf Irrigation Team: Clayton and Arturo. They perform irrigation checks and adjustments for our irrigation   program customers. They are skilled at installing new systems, modifying existing systems,and troubleshooting and making any necessary repairs.

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