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Lawn Maintenance

Mid-October is the time when our crews begin servicing your yard every other week due to the slowing of plant and turf growth.  With increased leaf fall during these months your maintenance crew will be working to remove those leaves during your service visits. Please know that with upcoming holiday seasons your service day may shift during the week leading up to, or just after, a scheduled holiday.


Grass will begin to go dormant as we see extended periods of temps in the low 80’s.  If you are an irrigation program customer, we will be adjusting your watering to prevent fungus (brown patch) which is common this time of year.  Those customers adjusting their own systems will want to decrease their watering from now until winter.

Lawn Care and Shrub Care

As the temperature cools, turf fungus called Brown Patch can occur, particularly if watering is not decreased. Our technicians will be on the lookout for this condition when applying your last scheduled application for the season.  This last application is a Pre-emergent herbicide to help keep winter weeds from germinating, along with liquid Potassium to help prepare your lawn for dormancy.


There is a limited amount of time left in this year’s growing season to complete landscaping projects.  Please contact us ASAP if you want work done prior to Spring 2016.  This is also a great time of year to install mulch to help moderate the soil temperature for your plants during the winter months.  Please call the office to schedule mulch installation.

2ba7f2df-d060-473b-8619-2a7ea3c39a55Employee Spotlight

Meet the Baldin Turf Maintenance team: Front center, left side: Emigdio Back left (left to right): James, Donzell, Cesar, Roberto, Shaddi. Right side (left to right): Michael, Eugenio, Antonio, Victor, Martin.  They work hard to make sure your landscape looks its best.

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